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We are currently rewriting the website engine. We have combined latest technology with a very modern though simple design, making it extremly easy to navigate through our new services. Look below to see our new release date.

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Stay tuned

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Some Of Our Services

Start managing your veterinary practice online! Software and servers can cost your practice thousands of dollars per year. It is time to make the switch to an affordable solution.

Mobile ready

Using the latest technologies avilable we have made Vetical 100% mobile ready.

You can use Vetical from any device from anywhere as long you have a browser and internet connection. We even have integrated Google Maps so you easy can find the customer and patient on the road.

One System

One system, one easy-to-use web-based interface developed by veterinarians for veterinarians.

All accessed as a service and based in-the-cloud for one low monthly fee. Web-based solution provides superior accessibility and collaboration. Vetical is optimized for the Veterinarian work process.

Cut Expenses

Vetical is an inexpensive solution that requires little to no training and zero implementation costs.

With paperless and efficient billing, you can instantly recognize savings on paper, postage, and printer supplies. You can even send invoices by email directly to your customers if needed.

Online payment

With Vetical you can easly take payments with creditcards. There is a paypal integrations in the solution.

This makes it possible to take payments while beeing onsite with an customers as loong as you have internet connection on your mobile device. No extra equipment is ever needed. At your office you can also take credit card payment through Vetical.

Cloud Solution

Forget about buying expensive new hardware or hiring an IT consultant. Veticals web-based EMR only requires a basic computer and an internet connection. We'll take care of the rest.

Unlike client-server based EMR systems, you need not worry about software upgrades or general IT maintenance costs. You will have the latest feature set rolled out to you seamlessly for zero cost.


For added convenience, our serviceportal allows you to log an issue 24/7 or reference open or closed service requests. As a Vetical Customer you get access to your own support portal.

As a Vetical Customer you get access to your own support portal where you can find information, open tickets or ask us questions. There are forums where you even can raise questions to other Veterinarians.

Get in touch

With Vetical, you are able to manage your client and patient's data, schedule new appointments items such as vaccines and medications, create invoices, set reminders, upload documents such as x-rays and more! Take comfort in knowing your data is backed up and secure. Never lost. Never compromised. Access your data anywhere in the world with an internet connection!